Saturday, 10 January 2015

Raspberry Pi and Strava API #3

In a previous post I described how I've used the Strava API to analyse the results from my High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) sessions.  I use PHP on a Raspberry Pi webserver to extract, organise and present Strava data.  It's a few weeks on so it's time to see how I'm getting on.

Here's a new chart showing up to date results:

The previous set of results were up to and included 1014-11-27 so the last seven results are new over and above last time.  So what can I tell from this:

  • I'm a lot more consistent.  There's less "spread" between the fastest and slowest interval.
  • I'm pedaling faster, there's a general upwards trend.

To double check whether the my cadence is getting higher, I've calculated an average of averages (I know this is a little imprecise) which is plotted below: no doubt about this, I'm definitely pedaling faster now.  The reason for this is that I'm now watching my cadence as I do the fast intervals.  I do this simply by strapping my sports watch to the handle bars on my bike! I have a target of 130 RPM so just try and keep my cadence on or above that.

But am I getting any fitter?  To look at this I've also plotted the maximum heart rate logged by my sports watch over the course of the HIIT session.  My theory is that as I get fitter I should be able to achieve the same average cadence for a lower heart rate.  Here's how the chart looks:

To me, this just shows I'm working harder because as my average cadence has gone up, so has my maximum heart rate (notwithstanding the last heart rate point which may just be an anomaly).

Next step: More HIIT sessions, more consistent 130 RPM sessions and (hopefully) a lower heart rate...

So add extra colour I thought I'd include a few pictures the"shed of mild discomfort" where I do my training.  As you can see it's a very high tech, snazzy environment.  I'm sure all the Top Pros from Team Sky and Saxo Tinkoff train in environments like this...

View from the outside, not cluttered at all:

View from the saddle.  always nice to have spiders to keep you company when you're training...

Close up of the clutter.  Just enough room to train in, the turbo moves on the wooden floor if I bump about too much!  Occasionally things drop off the shelves and twice I've shifted backwards and the when has rubbed hard against the chest of drawers, creating a lovely burning rubber aroma...