Friday, 26 April 2013

Blue Raspberry Pi

There was much excitement in the Geek household yesterday when my limited edition Blue Raspberry Pi arrived.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation produced 1000 of these to celebrate the first year of production of the Raspberry Pi.

RS ran a competition on Twitter, the winning prize being a Blue Pi.  To enter the competition, all you had to do was Tweet @RSElectronics with the hashtag #bluepi and a description of what you'd do with a blue Pi.  Here was my entry:

So easy to enter, I didn't even have to enclose a stamped, addressed envelope*.  I only went and won!  I was chuffed to bits.

The observant Geek dad blog fan will observe that I've already made a Scratch controlled Raspberry Pi disco.  The reality is that, following the mantra that "a pessimist is never disappointed",  I didn't think I'd be lucky enough to win a blue Pi. Hence I want out and bought another Pi to use, (my first Pi being busy running my environment monitor). But I did!!

* Showing my age.  


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  2. Hi Hannah
    That all depends on what's on your blog! Generally I'd only mention someone else's site if I use their code or ideas. Give me a link to your blog and I'll have a look.


  3. Hannah is a SEO spammer :)

    That being said, congratulations on the #bluepi from another lucky winner :)

  4. Congratulations - a well deserved win. Great to see you encouraging your daughters to program. Just discovered your very informative blog - lots of ideas for my lego loving son. Thanks - from a geek mum.