Thursday, 8 March 2012

Home Automation - The Challenge

The conversation went something like this:

Me:"Smart Grid will all utility companies to control the electrical equipment in your house to manage demand".

Someone else:"But how will they turn stuff off and on without re-wiring your house. People won't want to do that".

Me:"Not sure".

Someone else:"There's Home Automation kit on the market that can do that, go and find out some more about that". that's the challenge for me....

So what's home automation? Think automatic control of lightswitches and socket via remote controls, computers and smartphone apps.

A bit of research led me to the website of LightWaveRF, a UK based company who develop and sell Home Automation kit. Their website is:

Just to try out the kit I bought:

-An energy meter.

-A single mains socket.

-A twin light switch / dimmer.

-Some socket adapters that come with a remote control.

-A wireless control unit that links to a computer.

All available from B&Q so it's mainstream stuff. I bought from Amazon as the B&Q website was so utterly rubbish.

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